Our Mission

NTC supports culturally sensitive, technologically appropriate, and needs-based application of e-health for the benefit of the global community.

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What We Do

Our skills are in the areas of ‘glocal’ e-health solutions: Strategy; Evaluation; Outcomes; Medical Education; Training; and niche areas.

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How We Help

Our core expertise lies in:

  • e-Health Strategy Development
  • Program Evaluation
  • Outcomes - Proving ‘Value’
  • Medical Education
  • Awareness, Teaching, Education

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Gaining high quality insight to raise your level of expertise and be recognised in the e-Health community is not easy. NTC provides opportunities for you to learn from experts.

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Welcome to NT Consulting

Use our experience and knowledge to help you succeed.

Are you using the right e-health solutions for the right reasons, and to the best advantage?

We are a group of e-health proponents who recognise the limitations of technology to do all that we wish, and the limitations of us – as healthcare workers, patients, or simply members of the human race – to embrace change and apply e-health. We do not promise to change the world; but we do promise to help you change your piece of the puzzle.

There is no aspect of health or healthcare that has not been, is not being, or will not be impacted by e-Health” (Dr. RE Scott, 2004)