Disaster e-Health

figure2There is evidence that the frequency and severity of disasters – particularly ‘natural’ disasters’ – is increasing. e-Health has, to some degree, been used to aid during the immediate post-disaster Emergency Response period. This is not yet embedded in national Disaster Recovery Plans as routine practice. More importantly, NTC believes e-health has the potential to contribute during the entire disaster management cycle (DMC): the‘Event’ period (event; emergency response; recovery); the ‘Post-Event’ period (mitigation; risk reduction; rehabilitation); and the ‘Pre-Event’ period (preparedness; detection; early warning’) – see the simplified diagram of a DMC opposite. This could include all aspects of e-health – clinical, surveillance, database management, and e-learning. NTC contributes to research into, and education about, the role of e-health in disaster and would be pleased to partner in future initiatives.