Gaining high quality insight to raise your level of expertise and be recognised in the e-Health community is not easy. NTC provides opportunities for you to learn from experts.

A goal of NTC’s is to help build local capacity. To achieve this we participate in conferences, and provide seminars, lectures, workshops, and other training events. Please see Training.

Outreach and Custom Learning

Upon request, we can deliver existing workshops at your location. We can also partner with your organisation to develop new, or customise existing, workshops or programs to better address your needs. Group events can be for 20 to 40 people (20 for interactive / participatory events), with the workshop or program delivered in one convenient location of your choice (healthcare facility; town; region).

NTC will provide the requested on-site training, including – when requested – additional ‘Train Local Coaches’ (TLC) sessions. TLC provides local capacity building, and includes highly interactive hands-on training techniques, step-by-step trainer manuals, and regular interactive feedback sessions to clarify and embed confidence of future local trainers.
We typically require three months’ notice to plan and deliver on-site workshops and programs. Please see our NTC Request Form


NTC is working with collaborators to develop a Certification program that will provide evidence that participants’ have demonstrated the necessary level of skill and knowledge in training activities, including to safely use telehealth applications for patient care.