e-Health Research – Becoming Informed

Is e-Health the right answer for you? NTC is able to partner with you in the design and performance of e-health research. But often, you first want to become informed. To help you understand the current literature, NTC provides three services ……

– Rapid Review

Are you busy? Are you a government official, policy-maker, senior healthcare manager, healthcare worker, professional association manager, or have you just been told ‘get this done …’? If you need to quickly understand current knowledge on an e-health topic, and have limited time or resources, NTC can help you by providing a Rapid Review.

A Rapid Review is limited in time and/or scope compared to a comprehensive or systematic review. But this can be important in providing a brief overview of available and current evidence. We will work with you to define a clear question, plus strict inclusion criteria and data sources, and present to you a readable summary report of current knowledge and understanding. According to your need, and complexity of the topic, we can provide a report within three weeks to two months.

– Annotated bibliography

Do you want to make up your own mind from the evidence available on an e-health topic?

An annotated bibliography provides not only the alphabetical citations for all the notable references found, but also provides for each citation a concise descriptive summary plus an assessment of the value or relevance to the topic of interest. By reading an annotated bibliography you are able to quickly review the spectrum of knowledge, and judge for yourself the weight of the evidence available. Once again, we will work with you to define a clear question, plus develop strict inclusion criteria and data sources, that meet your needs. Preparation and completion of an annotated bibliography may require two to three months if your question is complex.

– Systematic Review

Do you need to know the most detailed, current, and high quality scientific understanding of a topic?

Systematic reviews search the literature for the most high quality insight available. They can be complex and time consuming undertakings, and can involve multiple experts for 6-months to one year – depending on the topic.