e-Health Strategy Development

Whether you represent a country, a health region, or a healthcare facility, we believe development of your own evidence- and needs-based e-Health Strategy is crucial. If you do not have a well informed e-Health Strategy, you are not in control of your own e-Health destiny. When another country, NGO, or vendor approaches you, how can you say ‘yes’ – or ‘no’ – to their offer?

NTC can help you by acting as your e-Health Strategy Advisor. We have no other interest but to help you develop your own e-Health Strategy.

Working with guidance and supervision from your organisation’s representative, we will assist you in developing and completing your own e-Health Strategy. Together we will complete each of 8 recommended steps to give rise to a needs-based, evidence-based, and defensible e-health strategy that is innovative yet respectful of current plans and objectives. With full commitment and support from your organisation, you can have your e-health strategy developed within 3-6 months.

As your advisor, we will:

  • Contribute actively to the data retrieval, analysis, and planning needed to formulate your e-health strategy;
  • Monitor and evaluate progress made towards developing your e-health strategy;
  • Prepare essential briefing papers and progress reports;
  • Monitor global and regional e-health developments relevant to the effective and efficient completion of your e-health strategy;
  • Identify resources and opportunities for innovative partnerships;
  • Advise on course corrections and/or adjustments needed to stay `on track`.