What We Do

As researchers, and politically aware and practical implementers, our skills are in the area of ‘glocal’ e-health solutions: Strategy; Evaluation; Outcomes; Medical Education; Training; and niche areas.

We focus on the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in health (wellness) and healthcare (illness) – referred to as e-Health, in the ‘glocal’ (global and local) setting.

We use our globally based expertise, experience, and perspective to provide you with locally relevant, culturally sensitive, and technologically appropriate solutions that address your real needs. We provide only the support you require – practical and objective insight and recommendations that work to help you piece your puzzle together. NT Consulting is not a technology provider. Furthermore, our approach is not to take a project from you, but to work with you, fostering knowledge transfer and local capacity building.

We will work with you to:

    • Research and find the information and understanding you need – what e-health can and cannot do for you.
    • Take charge of your own e-health destiny, and work with you to develop an e-health strategy or needs assessment.
    • Help you consider inter-jurisdictional issues as you develop your own e-health strategy and policy.
    • Measure the value of your solutions through sound evaluation, and development of specific outcome indicators and measures of relevance to your setting.
    • `Build the capacity to build your own capacity*` through didactic and participatory training activities – including awareness (raising peoples understanding of e-health and its capabilities), teaching (imparting knowledge and skills to people) and education (helping people acquire knowledge and skills themselves).
    • Help you with Knowledge Transfer – sharing or disseminating your findings to a desired audience; e.g., Government policy briefings, or through conferences and publications.

Non-profits, which operate more than one striking charter school, operate about 20 percent of charter schools and for-profit companies operate the rest of the charter schools.